Thursday Thunder Backblast

Thursday Thunder Backblast

-2 EC: me, Thumbs

-7 PAX: me, Thumbs, Sparky, Cabana Boy, Picasso, Offering Plate, Sheepshead


-Gravel Pickers25

-Bat Wings- forward circles, backward circles, forward punch, raise the roof

-Side straddle hop-25

•Thang 1: 4 Corners 7 of diamonds

-Run, lunge, backward run, burpee broad jump

-reps at corners 7, 14,21,28 then back down

-exercises- Merkins, big boy sit-ups, curb dips, windshield wipers

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Backblast -DoThem! Tobytalk 6:30pm Ruck at Ogden Park. Pray for our Community, those who have lost people and reach out to those who need help! Contribute toNC Nurishment F3 matching contribution!


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