Coronavirus Update 3-26-20 #shieldlock

ShieldLock Time

3-26-20 is a free, peer led organization that has small group workouts, outdoors throughout the New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender county area.  We are open to all men, and we workout rain or shine.  Due to our structure we have given the decision of how to workout during this unusual time to each individual member.  We have given guidelines corresponding to CDC recommendations and our governor’s directives.  We are a large organization full of leaders, so each member has different perspectives, family responsibilities, work responsibilities, as well as personal health responsibilities.  We respect and honor each of our members and their decisions as they lead their circles of influence through this difficult time.  Some members are getting together outside in small groups.  Some members are working out together virtually.  We our offering all of our members a variety of ways to stay connected and to continue to workout. Check out our twitter feed for a free, daily. virtual workout by EPO. @f3capefear

With that being said, we have thought a lot about how now more than ever, many people will be looking for a community that can offer them outdoor opportunities for fitness.  All of our workouts are outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.  We believe our culture was evolving towards social isolation long before the coronavirus, and we believe that the fellowship we have within F3 is one cure.  Many people are discovering, perhaps for the first time, that they crave real, face-to-face, community.  F3 will be here to offer that.  Finally, our 3rd F (faith), simply means that we ask our members to believe in something beyond themselves, and that living for others is the way we are to truly live.  There is no faith requirement or view that you must have to join us.  Many of us are Christians, and many are not.  Many people may be reevaluating their faith in the coming months.  We are here to offer encouragement, purpose, and hope to anyone looking for it.  So check out F3 and come get you some Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith – outdoors – for free.

#leavenoonebehind #impact #bandofbrothers  #f3nation

It’s an honor and a privilege-

The brothers of F3CapeFear


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