COVID-19 AMRAP Festival

Date: 23 March 2020

AO: WorkShop

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX (7): Bluesteel, Flipper, Flounder, 8 Penny, Cousin Vinny, Hush Money, WaterBoy (QIC)

Warmarama (IC): SSH 30x, Gravel Pickers 20x, Imperial Walkers 20x

The Thang: Mosey to UMC. DORA: 100x Burpees, 200x Mtn Climbers (double count), 300x Flutterkicks (double count). Partner bear-crawls to opposite end of UMC breezeway, executes 10 merkins, and bear-crawls back. Rinse and repeat until both PAX complete above reps. Followed by balls-to-the-wall and wall-sits (everyone had a turn counting slowly). Mosey back to shopfront near AO. 2 Minute AMRAP festival: Dips (2 min), CrunchyFrogs (2 min), Merkins (2 min), Six Inch Holds (2 min), followed by a brief stretch. Flounder then led us in a brutal finisher exercise of 25x single leg presses on ea. leg before COT.

COT: Prayers for NY and CA with the outbreak situation, first responders, and wisdom for our leaders.

Let us continue to support our local businesses, especially that HIM @Crepeface ! Aye!!


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