Arms and Chest Day

DATE:  3/12/20

AO:  Battleship

QIC:  Mr. Kotter

PAX:  Du-na-na Du-na-na, Tiny Dancer, Money Gun, Fatback, 8-Penny, Lightning, Gravity, Heisenberg, Band Camp, Steak Knives, Sweatervest



  • SSH x20  IC
  • Batwings x20  IC
    • (Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Overhead Press, Overhead Claps)
  • IW x20  IC
  • 4x4s x10  IC  (Burpees with 4 merkins instead of 1)



  • count off by 3s and each group grabs a sandbag coupon
  • mosey up and right on Front St to coffee shop parking lot
  • Marktah N Diayes x10 as we wait for the 6 who went back for another sandbag per YHC request
  • Ascending Curb Crawl – pax bear crawl across parking lot, turn, put feet on curb and complete a derkin;  rinse and repeat to 13 derkins   (Omaha- make it 10)
  • Al Gore while waiting for the 6;  recount by 4s (pax now divided into 4 groups of 3)
  • grab coupons and head to Bijou Plaza for Dips x20  IC
  • grab coupons and mosey to next location with stairs
    • Pax 1 – run up stairs and to end of walkway and back
    • Pax 2 – overhead presses with coupon  AMRAP
    • Pax 3 – squats  AMRAP
    • each pax rotates through stations x2
  • grab coupons and mosey to parking garage on 3rd
    • drop coupons at the door and run the stairs to the top floor (7 floors)
    • Al Gore while waiting for the 6
    • running out of time and it was Arms and Chest Day so…
    • Balls to the Wall in the elevator down
    • Al Gore and Mary while waiting for the elevator
  • grab coupons and mosey back to AO



  • Flutter Kicks x10  IC



  • prayers of comfort for family members of Marines recently killed in action.  one was a neighbor of Sweatervest’s parents
  • prayers of protection for Band Camp’s family who are all health care providers
  • prayers of gratitude for the ability and will to post in the gloom



YHC realized I should have had pax count off by 4s instead of 3 before moving out.  TD offers to go back and grab the extra.  YHC leads remaining pax to a “new” AO and positions us in the back shadowy corner, not thinking that TD has any idea where we are.  Thanks to Fatback who was “freed to lead” and collected TD as he went running by solo with coupon in hand.  You should have been there.


Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Kotter out.


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