32 Years Ago

Date: 3/11/20


QIC: Sparky (R)

PAX: Seahorse, Mindcraft (R), Beauty, Snap-On, FNG – Scissor Hands, Pixel Pusher, Blade, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Floppy Disc, Gravity, PK, Niles (R), Newton, Moab (R), Tom Sawyer, Mr. T, Tiny Dance (R), Goat (R), SOL, Mayham,


Gave the normal disclosure

“Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”

Seal Claps X 32 IC

Gravel Pickers X 20 IC

Moroccan Night Club X 20 IC

SSH (21’s) X 21 IC  5 IV verbal then silence till 21



Mosey to the intersection around goose poop island.  On the way there, find a partner that is close to your fitness level.

Two teams with pair up, the partners stay together.

Catch me if you can …

Partners #1 – Lunge around the pond

Partners #2 – Do the following exercises then run and catch Partners #1 and switch all the way around to pull-up bars.  (As the partners are together they are to discuss the following question.  “In a relationship/marriage how much does each person need to give?”  Correct answer – 100%



20 – Squats



Mosey to the wall.  Same partners

Partners #1 – Step-ups or wall jumps while partners #2 run to pull-up bars and do 5 pull-ups, run back and switch.  (Question to discuss – “Why is it so difficult for women to submit to men as directed by God?”

YHC read Eph 5:21-33

General answer to the question above. If men/husbands love their wife like Christ love the church, women would be more willing to submit/follow the husband


  • Azalea Parade April 4th
  • End it Ruck April 24-25


Thanks to all who come out to support my 32nd wedding anniversary Q.  It’s always an honor to lead.



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