Thumbs VQ Special

11Mar2020 – Stingray

VQIC: Thumbs

16 PAX: Bam Bam, Shakedown, EOM, Gump, Geiger, Bogey, Waterboy, Magneto, Dino, OTC, Gen-X, 10 Count, Babyback, Undertaker, Picasso, Cabana Boy


  • 20 x SSH IC
  • 15 x Gravel Picker IC
  • 15 x Hillbillies IC

Mosey to picnic shelter

Thang 1 – Partner Dora:

  • 100 x Lunges
  • 200 x Step-ups
  • 300 x Squats
  • Partner 2 runs to pull-up bars, completes 5 reps, and runs back

Mary until all PAX complete reps

Mosey to rock pile

Thang 2 – Rock AMRAP + Burpee EMOM

Each PAX grabs one large or two medium rocks (Geiger selects 2 boulders!)

For 15 minutes PAX complete as many reps as possible of below 4 rotating exercises with their rocks; rotate exercise after completing 5 burpees every minute on the minute (75 total burpees in 15 minutes):

  • Tricep extensions
  • Curls
  • OH Press
  • Bent over row


  • Prayers for Gump’s friends trying to return home from Italy after completing adoption process
  • Geiger’s girlfriend is interviewing for a job in Wilmington!
  • Toby Talk – 6:30pm Thursday at Sour Barn
  • Spartan Race – 04Apr2020
  • End it Ruck – 24Apr2020
  • Prayers for everyone affected by Coronavirus, 1st responders, and military
  • YHC thankful for finding F3, being welcomed into this amazing group of HIMs, and the positive impact it has made in my life. It was an honor to lead you gentlemen this morning!


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