20+ Degrees Tortoise Tuesday

3/10/2020 Stingray


7 PAX: GTA, Pledge, GOAT, Bogey, Geiger, Picasso, OTC

Warmup: SSH IC x30, Daisy Picker IC x25, Imperial Walker IC x20


One minute of Burpees

Run the perimeter of the park to get one mile in

Rinse and Repeat

Ended up doing three miles and four rounds of one minute Burpees

Back to the Flag for a little Mary: Freddie Mercury, Pledge led Protractor, American Hammer

COT: Prayers for the family of Jack McCarley (friend of many but especially GOAT), Closer’s M, Offering Plate’s M, all other prayers left unspoken

YHC always feels the inspiration of leading you Fine Gentlemen. My pleasure, OTC out.



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