Boon Docks


#PAX: 6 (LETC, Eight Penny, Dino, Zuckerberg, BTB)

QIC: Overbite

Warmup: SSH, Burpees, Emperial Walkers, Burpees, Gravel Pickers, Burpees, Mountain Climbers

The THANG: Firewood was used as dumbells for tobata style work. 35 seconds of exercise followed by 25 sec of rest. Derkins, Shoulder press, curls, tricep extension (or dips), jump lunges, Supermans, Groiners, figure 8 pass throughs, and back to back log handoffs. 3 sets of each

Indian Run to Johnny Mercer pier ramp for 11’s with burpees and Mike Tyson. Indian run back to AO. (at a quick pace)

COT: Thankful to be able to be in nature and do F3 workouts OUTSIDE. I’m reading a book about brain health and it stresses the importance of getting outside!

Prayers for Dino’s relative, Tim, with brain tumor and LETC’s relative in ICU in Chapel Hill (Richard)

Thanks for showing up! Honored to be a part of it all.



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