Thursday Thunder Backblast 3/5/20

– 2 EC: me, Geiger

-8 PAX: me, Geiger, Closer, Gen X, Picasso, Seahorse, Cabana Boy, Offering Plate

-Patch Recipients: All but Picasso but Gen X the giver gave his away to him. Awwwww


-sling shots 25

-halos 25

-Kettlebell good mornings 15 OYO

•Thang 1: Dora Pavilion Party

-Three Groups.Timer is heavy kettle doing 15 deadlifts

-50 kettlebell cleans

-100 Sit press

-150 Bob and Weaves

-200 rows

•Thang 2: 21’s

-group takes turn with one doing goblet squats on bench for set of 10 with heavy kettle

-Two lifts for 21’s are tricep extensions and curls

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Backblast -DoThem! Tobytalk 6:30pm Sour Barn tonight. Spartan race on 4/4. Enditruck 4/24. Kudos to Seahorse who did all of this wearing his Ruck- Dam!


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