WaterBoy’s One Year Anniversary Q

Date: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

AO: Stingray

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX: (12) EOM, Bogey, Picasso, Thumbs, Pledge, GenX, Geiger, OP, 10 Count, Babyback, CabanaBoy, WaterBoy (QIC)

Warmarama (all IC): 50x SSH, 20x Imperial Walkers, 20x Gravel Pickers

The thang: “Carterican” Indian Run (Indian Run w/ 5 merkins) to skatepark. Escalating four corners: Start with 10 merkins, sprint to corner 2, add 15 plank jacks, bear crawl to corner 3, add 20 bobby hurley’s, backpedal to corner 4, add 25 V-ups. Rinse and repeat 4x, pick up the six. Mosey over to picnic shelter. Abdominal picnic: 1 min. 6 inches, rest; 15x crunchie frogs IC, rest; 1 min mini-flutter kicks, rest; 1 min 30 sec low plank, rest and stretch it out. Mosey back to AO for a circle-burp and COT.

COT: Prayers for Hushpuppy and his M for injuries sustained during car accident and provision for new vehicle. Prayers for OP’s wife medical appointment and for healing.

Thank you all who came out to celebrate one year! It feels a lot longer when all the workouts suck. #Embracethesuck. WaterBoy, out.


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