OGAO Tackles the Man-gie Workout

DATE:  4 March 2020

AO:  Hugh MacRae park

#PAX:  12

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  MOAB, Floppy Disk, SOL, Overbite, Pixel Pusher, Mr. T, Tiny Dancer, Big Sky, Minecraft, LETC, Messi

WARM-O-RAMA:  SSH x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Gravel Pickers x 20, Plank Destroyers x 5

THE THANG:  Indian run to pull up bars for “Man-gie” workout.  Partner up.  Each partner does 40 pull-ups; 60 push-ups; 80 sit-ups and 100 squats, PLUS 4 laps long-way on road around Goose Poop Island.

The PAX crushed it, so Mary and Carolina Dry Dock until all return.  Mosey to Goose Poop Island for 20 wall jumps/step-ups; 20 derkins, 20 inclined merkins.

Mosey to intersection.  Sprint 1 light, jog 1 light, backwards run 1 light to end of road/parking lot.

MARY:  LBC x 20; American Hammer x 20; Plank Destroyers x 5 (thanks Big Sky!)

COT/MOLESKINZ:  Prayers for LETC’s co-worker Pam, who is struggling with relationships and happiness; for SOL’s neighbor who is dealing with aging and dementia and SOL’s family for their support; for MOAB’s medical tests to go well; and for the struggles facing us all.

Great to see Minecraft back in the Gloom.  He also posted Friday.

I appreciate all the OG’s coming out to post with me.  Strong work.

Morpheus out.


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