Rain, Running, and the Hounds of Hell

Date: 3-3-20


AO- Tortoise Tuesday

Pax:  Closer, Geiger, GOAT, Kix, Picasso, Pledge, Sparky, and Geiger’s 2 pups.  

8 pax and 2 pups gathered in the rain at 0529.  FIA had been going for 30 minutes, and their turnout was impressive.  The regulars here said we had a 3 mile loop, so we decided to do that.


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 10. 


Tha Thang-

It’s a run workout, so we ran – in the rain.  It was good.  Varying paces.  Yhc rain with Picasso.  A new pax to me, he got the interrogation.  He has 4 kids.  He helps care for a niece who lives with him.  He’s a painter, mostly in Brunswick.  He lives on our loop.  We ran by his house.  He goes to St Marks.  His dad is Spanish, mother Italian, and he grew up in South America.  He loves to cook.  And he just lost 50 lbs.  The Monsters at the Stingray have been seeing him workout for the last couple of months, giving him the flying EH.  He posted on Nant’an challenge day- the day of sleet!  Dude, you are all in!  Welcome brother.

We ended up covering just over 4.3 miles.  Good day.    

No time for Mary.

CoT-  Prayers for Closer’s mom.    

Moleskin-  So if y’all have not been to this workout, you need to make it, just to see Geiger’s dogs.  He straps himself to them with harnesses and they take off dragging him like the Hounds of Hell.  He passed us about 5 times.  It was amazing.  They probably got in 10 today.

Tclaps to GOAT for getting Picasso a Freed to Lead book.  Don’t forget to keep giving those away pax.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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