Wilmington’s 2020 Blizzard

Date: 2/21/2020

QIC: Beauty

AO: HMP #og_ao

PAX: @Firemarshallbill, @kung_fu_panda, FNG @cousinvinny, @beignet, @hush money, @sooner, @buckshot, @happy, @milkman, @green thumb, @pixel pusher, @jiffy pop (jp), @steak knives, @mr. t, @big sky, @Tom Sawyer, @niles, @GOAT, @hoveround, @bonespur, @SOL, FNG @huffy, @special k, @beauty

24 PAX stepped up to the Nan’tan Challenge on this wintry morning to see what was in store for them.

Warmorama: side straddle hops, merkins, high knees, gravel pickers

The Thang:

Indian Run to four way intersection and do some Mary

Mosey to Pull Up Bars and partner up for cumulative exercise:

100 Pull Ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats

while partner runs and does 5 burpees at the four way intersection then back and switches

Mary while encouraging the six

Indian Run to tennis court parking lot

Partner Exercise:

Partner #1 completes 20 Merkins and rotates out with Partner #2 doing Step Ups

We did this for a little while just for fun.

Mosey then Jail Break to the AO. @Buckshot is pretty fast.

COT: Shout out to @cousinvinney, @beignet, @buckshot, @happy, @milkman who decided to post even though they had the morning off school. Strong Work to @sooner for gathering them in the clown car. @kung_fu_panda thanks @Tom Sawyer for reaching out and getting him back in the Gloom, prayers and gratitude for @kung_fu_panda’s sister and mom, JESUS and Jimbo’s on Friday, F2 Event, prayers for @jiffy pop (jp) and @babyback as they influence college men for JESUS. Encouragement from @Tom Sawyer for those PAX that chose to post during Wilmington’s 2020 Blizzard.

Moleskin: There were a number of RESPECTS dropping some wisdom and encouragement to the PAX. Glad to see two FNG’s exercise their #mambamentality and send it in the cold on their first day. 15 HIM showed up for JESUS and Jimbo’s with @busted grill at the Q after. Still hard to believe F3 is free. What a gift.

It was an honor and a privilege gents,



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