Bump and Run


AO: Stingray


14 PAX: Pole Dancer, Cabana Boy, Geiger, EOM, Sparky, Offering Plate, Picasso, Magnito, GenX, Tennenbaum, Pledge, 10 Count, Thumbs, OTC

Warmup: SSH IC x40, Daisy Picker IC x30, Imperial Walker IC x25, Raise the Roof IC x25

Carterican Indian run to the right to the far entrance to the park, circled back midway for the six

Thang: Route 66 of sorts back down the road toward the flag. Each single speed bump do 5 burps, double speed bump do 20 merkins and 40 LBC’s. Props to the PAX that completed the circuit and came back for the six: Pledge, Geiger, Thumbs, (anyone I missed in the darkness, I was just breathing)

Not much time left but we got one round of BearCrawl Pattycake.

Head to the COT for discussion about mental and spiritual strength. Thanks to all PAX that shared and for HushPuppy’s inspiration. Mental strength means staying focused on whats important in life, namely family. Perseverance in quest to obtain goals in life.  Spiritual toughness is built on faith in God, more so that friends or family. Having faith in something, F3, friends, a spiritual leader. Being grateful for ll that we have been given.

Prayers for Picasso’s niece who is recovering from a stroke, prayers for Bronco, prayers for Closer’s M.

Spartan race is coming up, several PAX are competing.

Shot out to BamBam for bringing me into the gloom 2 years ago. I may still have to fight off the sad clown in me sometimes, but it is getting easier with every beatdown! F3 makes me stronger in every way. I am blessed by all of you Men.

OTC is going back behind the counter, See Ya!


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