F3Battleship – Where Qs are made.

Date: 2-26-20


AO- Battleship

Pax:  8penny, Baby Daddy, Blue Steel, Bosley, Crazy Train, Dixie Chic, Duhnuhna Duhnuhna, Fatback, FireMarshallBill, Dagger Board, Gravity, Johnny Gage, Mr Kotter, Money Gun, Ordnance, PK, Singlet, and Snickers. 

19 pax gathered in the urban jungle known as F3Battleship this am.  The Leland clown car made. Jacked!  Where’s slimjim?  8penny was on time. He should be since we’re on;y a half mile from his home. Here’s how it went down. 


SSH IC x 39

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Shoulder press IC x 10. 

Indian Run to Heisenberg Park. Where is Heisenberg?  

Tha Thang-

Dora – partner up. 

100 box jumps

200 derkins

300 LBCs 

One partner runs up stairs, over bridge, and back while one does exercise. Cumulative.

Mosey to parking deck.  Run.  Backwards up ramp, forward on flats, all the way to the top.  At the top we identified 4 pax who need a VQ.  PK, Duhnuhna Duhnuhna, Crazy Train, and Singlet.  4 pax stepped up to help them get signed up for the VQ and guide them through their first time.  Each took a turn in the circle leading some Mary.  It was strong!  They are ready.  

Mosey back to the flag for Mary.

American Hammers IC x 39

10 Burpees just for Singlet.

CoT-  Prayers for Pony Express’ dad.  Gratitude for all the pax who lean on each other.    

Moleskin- Blue Steel, we would like to see your Backblast from you supposed “Q.”  JG, awesome to see you this am.  I know you are an Ultra now, but we still start at 0530.  Tclaps to Ordnance as the new site Q of Leland Wednesday!  Way to lead brother.  Tclaps to the 4 new VQs we have coming our way – especially Duhnuhna Duhnuhna and PK who are HS Sr Stud.  Can y’all believe we get to start our day this way everyday for free?  How awesome is that?

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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