Let’s go 40 at the battleground

Date: 2-26-20


AO- Battleground

Pax:  Crockett, Crosswalk, Dogwood, GenX, Hushmoney,   Kix, Lighting, Ordnance, Pony Express, Rx, Singlet, Slimjim (FNG), Snickers, Sooner, THE Hoff, 

It was raining. A lot.  It was 60 degrees.  6 pax were finishing up some Kix inspired EC.   It’s Ash Wednesday.  16 pax.  40 days til Easter.  Let’s get it on.  


SSH IC x 40

Imperial Walkers IC x 40

Shoulder press IC x 40

What is Ash Wednesday.  It signifies 40 days until Easter.  The early Christians used this day to begin preparing their heart for the upcoming Easter celebration.  So let’s do 40 of everything.

Tha Thang- 

Pearls on a string.  Mosey on outer trail, stopping at each bench.  Start with one exercise, then repeat that exercise and add one more at next bench, etc.  Everyone stays together.

40 of everything.



Shoulder press


Hello dollies


Mosey back to flag.


40 American hammers IC x 40

CoT- The early Christians picked 40 days prior to Easter as a time to remember the 40 days of Jesus in the desert.  Matthew 4:1. Maybe God had Jesus in the wilderness 40 days to point us back to Noah and the 40 day flood.  Genesis 7:17.  Also, maybe God wants us to reflect back to Moses and the 40 years in the desert. Numbers 14:34.  

God washed the earth clean with 40 days of rain.  He groomed Abraham’s family for 40 years in the wilderness to prepare them to enter the promised land.  BTW, David and Samuel both reigned as king for 40 years.  1 Kings 11:42 and 2 Samuel 5:4.

In my simple brain, it looks like God wants us to see that the Bible is one unifying story that points to Jesus.  He can endure without sin (unlike the Israelis), and that He is a king in the line of David (but so much more).  Jesus is giving humans a fresh chance to wash the world clean.

I’m cool if you have a completely different conclusion.  Just asking you to look at it, and let it soak in, before ruling it out.  if you have other insights, give me a shout.  Would love to speak with you about it. 

Prayers for Pony Express’ dad, Bronco, our friend Shannon Mansfield, and Dogwood’s Gma.  

Moleskin-  Surprised by all the millineals who showed up.  It was early and raining.  Tclaps to Slimjim, a N Brunswick Jr.  You are a beast.  Tclaps to all of the EC runners.  It is always inspirational to ride up and see a bunch of cars.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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