Thursday Thunder Backblast

-1 EC: me

-11 PAX: me, Offering Plate, Undertaker, Geiger, Closer, Magneto, Hushpuppy, Goat, Shakedown, Cabana Boy, GTA


-Gravel pickers 25

-4 count merkins 10


•Thang 1: pavilion party

-partner up for some Dora

-timer lunge walks around pavilion

-50 step ups per leg with log on shoulder

-100 squats

-150 shoulder presses

-200 chest press

•Thang 2: logerpee circle

-curls, lumberjack presses, tree hugger squats, rows

-middle person does 5 logerpees, yep burpee with the log finishing with shoulder press as timer before rotating logs

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Backblast -DoThem! Tobytalk 6:30pm Sour Barn tonight. Culvasac oyster roast 2/22! 70 more burpees added to the list.


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