On the Road

AO: Battleground

Date: 2-19

QIC: Special K

Pax: steak knives, kix (kix for 3 miles of ec as well)


SSH IC 10 and 10 IC

Grabbing gravel IC X 25

Arm circles IC X 20

Mosey to rail

The thang:

#1 on the rail

100 power ups

200 Durkins or incline merkins

300 rows


Mosey to rock pile for coupons. Pearls on a string in median- don’t want to damage park grass

1st set

rock lift press throw x25

Bent over row x 25

Walking merkin x25

Plank for 6

Set 2

Rock lift press throw x 25

Curl press tris x 25

Russian twits x 25

Mosey to return rock then to AO

Mary- pax lead


Nantan and EH challenge Friday

Oyster roast sat

Injured/ Rehabbing Pop up AO on Friday- no excuses for Friday

Location: TBD


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