Dice, Dice, Baby! (Keg Carry)

Date: 2/17/20

AO: Screaming Eagle

PAX: YHC (HushPuppy), Hacksaw, RX, Crocker, 6 Pack, The Mountie, Blart, DogWood, HoosierDaddy, Tombstone, Hooch, Lightning, TeaParty, Chuckles, CookOut

Warm-O-Rama: Gravel Pickers x 15, Hillbillies x 15, Copper Head Squat x 15, Goofballs x 30

Thang 1: Dice Roll Keg Carry!

PAX were very curious upon arrival with a F3 Keg standing in the middle of the warm up circle. Little did they know, what pain awaited them! The Keg was left at AO, which also made the PAX wonder what to expect. PAX mosyed down to the concession stand area of Veterans Park. Once their, they found a 2nd keg waiting and realized the BEATDOWN was about to begin!

PAX circled up. 1 at a time, they would roll HushPuppy’s large Dice that he brought. Whatever number was rolled, that was how many 30 yard keg carries that individual PAX had to run, down and back! While the PAX ran his Keg Carries, all other PAX completed a exercise that corresponded with the number rolled until the Keg carry was completed!

Exercise #’s:

1) All PAX Bear Crawl to the 30 yard cone, run back.

2) Starfish Crunches




6) War Hammers (WW2 Sit-up with 4 American Hammers at the top)

PAX did the Thang until there was 15 mins left in the workout!

Thang 2: PAX Moseyed back to the AO with the 2nd Keg in hand. upon return, PAX made 2 teams that were in line at the speed bump. Each team had their own keg. YHC rolled the dice 1 final time to see what our fate was. A 5 was rolled! Each PAX rotated in line a 15 yard keg carry, but each PAX had to go 5 times!!!! All other PAX held plank while awaiting their turn. Unfortunately, due to time we did not get to go 5 times each. But it still sucked. Tombstone beat out Hoosier Daddy in a final speed bump race with the kegs (There was definitely some cheating that took place).

PAX circled up for prayers and announcements. PAX were reminded of the upcoming Nan’tan Challenge this Friday!!! BRING OUT THE FNG’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HushPuppy Signing Off


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