No wussies at Monster Factory

Date: 2-17-20


AO- Monster Factory at Stingray

Pax:  10-Count, Baby Back, Bob the Builder, EOM, Geiger, Offering Plate, OTC, Pledge, Sparky, Steak knives, Thumbs, and Wapner.  

6 pax hit the Big Bear Loop for EC. They’re ready to jump all over this week. 13 pax gathered ITG for the 0530 launch. Most drove. Geiger just materialized. There wasn’t a wussie among them. All monsters. 


SSH IC x 52

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 10

Tha Thang- 

Indian run the long way to pull up bars. 

At pull up bars, 5 pull-ups, 10 knees to chest x 3. Plank while you wait. 

Carterican run around pond to bath houses. 

Balls to wall, 130 count.

Carterican run to the riprap. Get 2 coupons (Pledge). 

Shoulder press OYO x 50. 

Flies oyo x 50. 

Carterican run back to pull up bars. 

Rinse and repeat whole routine. 

Once back at riprap, get on road for Indian run back to parking lot. 

Ran sprints x 3, then

Thumbs gave us some Mary. 

And ended on 10 burpees. 

CoT- Prayers for Pony Express’ dad, Bronco – hopefully going home from hospital.  Prayers for co-worker of 10 count.  Other prayers mentioned that YHC lost, but God did not. Thank God we serve an all-knowing God who has us all, including all of our prayers.  

Moleskin-  The scent of fresh VQ meat was in the air. And what do you know, Thumbs was found.  With Geiger’s assist, he will be bringing your beatdown in the near future. It’s awesome how so many pax are in on EC at the #factory, making monsters.  Keep it up. Rumor has it that Knucklepuck has become one of those pax who only posts when he Qs. Say it ain’t so!  Come on brother, you know doesn’t work like that. It was fun to be back at the old playground.   

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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