# of Pax: 13
PAX: Mighty Minion, Hoff, Niles, Busted Grill, Morpheus, McFLy, Green Thumb, Goat, Roadie, Hello Kitty, Mayhem, Big Sky & Gravity
QIC: Gravity

My last time at the Q was in September and I tore my meniscus, so when I saw Doubtfire down with the crud, I jumped at the opportunity to Q at the OGAO. After I made the Preblast my Q juices started to flow.

Mission, disclaimer, let’s go!

Gravel Pickers x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC

Let’s go! – The Thang:

It’s Valentine’s Day, so let’s start with a slow mosey through the woods – we take the straightest path possible (between the baseball field and the dog park) to the pull up bars. We used The Police (Every Breathe You Take, Canary in a Coal Mine, etc) to encourage our first part of the workout.

Pull Up Circuit:
Partner up for Hang-n-Hold partner assisted pull ups. Hang for 3 seconds, pull up and hold for 3 seconds with your chin over the bar. 3 sets x 10
Round 2: on the low bars, complete two rounds of 5, inverted rows, but with your partner holding your feet and keeping your body parallel to the ground.

Let’s Mosey: straightest line possible to the tennis courts, through the baseball field, the playground, etc.

Tennis Courts AMRAP Ladder – 15 minutes
Start: 5 burpees
1st court: 10 merkins
2nd Court: 15 stair steps (each leg)
3rd Court: 20 Crunchy Frogs
4th Courth – 5 sequence leg movement x 5 (left rear lunge, right rear lunge, left lateral lunge, right lateral lunge, squat jump) times 5 for 25.

What goes up must go down for AMRAP,

After the time expires, we move to the playground for Broga.

COT: Prayers for Pony Express’s dad. McFly is participating in the 5K & Polar Plunge at Pleasure Island.

Moleskins: My body has been sore since I returned from knee surgery. I have to share; if your mind is willing, your body is able. #GYMR = GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!


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