The Burpdown

Date: Valentine’s Day ’20

AO: Boondocks

QIC: Wapner

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 20 IC, Copperhead Squats x 20 IC, Merkins x 15 IC, stretch OYO

The Thang: We moseyed down to Live Oak drive for a burpee speed bump escalator. We ran from the intersection to the first speed bump, did 5 Burpees, then ran back and did 10 Merkins. We proceeded to repeat adding 5 burpees at each proceeding speed bump. We waited on the six by performing some random Mary.

After completing that beatdown we moseyed to WB Park for a basketball inspired Dora. Pax 1 shuffled around both courts in a low defensive position while Pax 2 performed the exercise of choice. Our exercises were 100 Merkins, 200 squats, and 300 LBC. We waited on the 6 by performing some random Mary.

We moseyed back across the bridge to Waynick drive for some partner catch me if you can. On the way down to the Blockade Runner the exercise performed was 5 Merkins. On the way back the exercise was 5 big boy situps.

Dino led us through his best rendition of the protractor yet and we finished with a Hoff-inspired circle burp.

COT: Prayers for Pony Express and his father Bronco. The 2nd Annual Oyster Roast is coming up next Saturday (2/22). Let Bonespur know ASAP if you intend to eat Oysters. Shout out to GTA and OTC for posting with us! Strong work by all!


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