Keg and Block Conveyor Belt


AO: Ogden Park: Thursday Thunder

PAX: YHC (HushPuppy) GOAT, Geiger, Gen-X, Undertaker, Narcan, 10 Count, Cabana Boy.

Warm-O-Rama: Windmill x 15, Hillbillies x 15, Bat wings: Moroccan Night Club/Forward arm circles/Backward arm circles/ Raise the roof x 10 each with 10 count of hold in between.

Thang 1: Conveyor Belt of Pain

Coupons on Deck: 4 Fully Filled Sixtel Kegs/ 4 Large Cinder Blocks

Coupons were set up in 4 lines: Keg, Block, Block, Keg. PAX would work on their coupon while 1 PAX on Keg was timer with 20 Keg Squats. PAX Worked in 3 rounds:

Round 1: Keg Deadlifts, Block Curls, Block Rows, Keg Squats.

Round 2: Keg Squats, Block Tricep Extension, Block Curls, Keg Chest Press

Round 3: PAX Delight for 30 seconds each!

Thang 2: Team Coupon Relays

PAX split into 2 teams of 4. Each PAX took a turn carrying a Coupon to the middle median and back! Round 1: 2 Block Farmer Carries. Round 2: Keg Carry. Round 3: Double Keg Farmer Carries!

PAX Circled Back up for announcements and Prayer Requests!

HushPuppy Signing Off!


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