Bear & Gorilla POP Quiz


OGAO: Hump Day Hugh McRae

PAX : YHC (HushPuppy), Big Sky, Gravity, Morpheus, GOAT, Seahorse, LETC, SOL, HushMoney (THE CHAMP), OverBite, Mr. Kotter, Jiffy Pop, Fixer Upper, Hello Kitty, Mayhem, Pixel Pusher, Undertaker

Warm-O-Rama: Gravel Pickers x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Copperhead Squat x 20, Hillbillies x 20

Thang 1:

After completing the warm up, the PAX followed YHC down to the lower level parking lot next to the playground area. Once there; the PAX came across 4 pre-placed cones, each 15 yards apart down the parking lot. YHC explained that they would be completing a Crawl Circuit to unleash their inner BEASTS.

First up was the Bear Crawl: PAX split into 4 teams. Each PAX, 1-at-a-time, would Bear Crawl to the first cone and back. Then they would crawl to the 2nd cone, and so on. While 1 PAX crawled, the rest held plank. Shoulders began to BURN towards the end! PAX shared love with their team!

Next up: OGAO Gorilla Crawls!!! PAX repeated the same rotation but with Gorilla Crawls. Shoulder Moral quickly faded!

Thang 2: PAX made their way back up to AO for a Hush Puppy Special POP QUIZ. All PAX circled up Around the little red basket. Approximately 25 yards away was a jar full of exercise workout index cards. One PAX at a time ran down, retrieved a card and brought it back for the PAX to complete 15 of that exercise. There was constantly a deep groan of pain when a PAX drew “Bear Crawl to the Bucket and Back”.

PAX circled up for for Prayer Requests and announcements to end. Special Prayers for the schools, students, and teachers in our community!

HushPuppy Signing Off


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