Tennis Court Beatdown

Tennis Court Beatdown

2/10/2020 Stingray @ Ogden Park


Q: Closer

17 PAX 


Side straddle hop – 30

Windmills  – 20

Apollo Ohnos (speed-skaters). 20 OYO

Mountain Climbers  – 20

Merkins – 20 OYO

Started with a MOSEY to Tennis Court 


WHEEL BARROW RACE.  P1 down. P2 back. Can rest but don’t switch. 3 full tennis courts 2x each 

  • SHEILD LOCK – partner holding the racer tells other one huge FEAR or MISTAKE you’ve overcome, what happened and how it changed your life 

50 jump squats (each)

50 American Hammers (double count)(each)

Mary til all PAX are done

NADAL SHUFFLE.  Sprints/speed and agility 

  • Half court Sprint to net along doubles line. Side shuffle or karaoke  to other doubles line. Run backwards.
  • Repeat with full court sprint to other side of net

All PAX not running do merkins or plank 


REPEAT half court with Lunges/Side squats/crab walk 

  • lunge forward 
  • Sumo squats to side 
  • Crab walk back

Do 2X

INDIAN RUN along road to playground 


P1 run for 5 pull ups or negatives 

P2 exercises

Inch worm with push up (swing set).  50

Steps Ups (double).          50

End 6:10 return to AO  for COT

CIRCLE BURP- run in place. Before you say “down” you have to tell the group ONE THING you’re GREAT AT, have TALENT/SKILL, or something you could help out or at least give advice if someone needed that (example: carpentry, auto mechanic or great with cars, DIY house guy; business coaching, surf coach). Learned that there’s a broad talent and skill set in this small sampling of 7 PAX. great network for whatever we need help or direction with. 



  • chop shops wife and daughter to Africa
  • Closer’s wife about to start second round of intense Lyme disease treatment 

Shorty shorts were out in the gloom by Hushpuppy, Geiger and Sooner.  Hushpuppy and Sooner had a legit special moment before the warm up as Sooner unleashed his shorty shorts from beneath his warm up pants, followed by a warm embrace that lasted exceptionally long with he and Hushpuppy. 

It’s an honor to share my VQ with all you HIMs and the other VQs and PAX across our region and F3 nation. I finally read the book Freed to Lead a few weeks ago. Wow. I read a lot of books;  good books. This book is GREAT and a top ten book instantly. Made me realize a lot about my life and the lives of men I see where guys are doing their best but grasping. Sclown syndrome is real. I had it and didn’t know it. Grateful to SOL for giving me the push to get me off my arse and into this community of HIMs to help me max our my life and lead well.  And now I’ll go get some sleep since I was so amped up I didn’t sleep last night 😴 😂 interested to hear if my other VQ bros today slept! 💪🏼😂🔥 💤 😴 



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