The Indian @TheArrowhead 2/7/2020

Q: Niles

Pax :

Warmorama: 25 SSH, 25 CH Squats, arm circles

Mosey to rock store , partner up and grab a boulder . One partner runs around the perimeter of the parking lot while the other partner does the boulder work .

Lion kings , goblet squats , curls , triceps extensions, rows . Flap jack after each run .

Mosey to hill , broad jump up , lunge walk down.

Mosey to playground for pull-ups , pistol squats holding the column and glute bridge extensions on the bench ( the Tom Jones Flex).

Balls to the wall, alternating with Al Gore on the shelter wall ( to the sound of Love Rollercoaster)

Mosey back to entrance benches , sit Indian style and discuss Shieldlock questions.

Moleskin and COT:

Prayers for iron leadership, first responders and to be better men .

Crosswalk and RX did extra credit. Strong work!

Tom Sawyer was particularly good at the Tom Jones Flex . Methinks he practices at home 👏

Mr T was as usual not the LIFO , last in first out but FILA , first in last out . Be like Mr. T.

Speaking of Fila – this guy was Fila in the 70’s .

Bjorn Borg modeling Fila athletic gear.

Bjorn Borg was the Borg of 70s tennis.

Another lethal , emotionless Borg

Borg , The “Ice Man” ascended to the top of the 70s Tennis mountain . Girls adored Bjorn Borg , boys like me wanted to be him. I remember seeing him play tennis at the U.S. Open in Longwood where I ushered as a teenager. His tennis was powerful and methodical, his physique was of a Norse god . With a poker face, rockstar looks , cat-like speed, and remarkable endurance , he carved an unmatched path to glory in 70’s tennis and then ,inexplicably, at the height of his fame and fortune and at the remarkably young age of 25, , he retired with no explanation. Sneaking out of the US open stadium after his last final, before the awards ceremony, he left a trail of confused and disappointed admirers like John McEnroe, who was a completely opposite figure to Borg, brash , electrifying and unpredictable. McEnroe lost his biggest rival and we lost a sports icon . Borg’s life in the 80s was characterized by disappointment, he lost money, he lost relationships and on February 7, 1989 he almost lost everything when he attempted suicide. What does this have to do with my backblast you ask ?

Borg lacked community. He traveled from tournament to tournament without the usual entourage we see in current men’s tennis. No coach , friends or family in his box. He had won everything and seemingly , had everything but at 25 to retire at the visible peak of his life , he must have felt that it wasn’t worth it anymore. Something was missing. He didn’t have what he needed to keep on the journey . No purpose, no shield lock , and no community.

In my mind , this picture encapsulates how Bjorn Borg regained his life and his purpose.

Borg, Nadal, Federer, Cilic, and Zverev

Just last year he captained the winning Laver cup TEAM against his old rival John McEnroe . Here he is receiving an ovation from two tennis legends and two up-and-coming stars from The current generation. At the age of 65, Borg has found the things he lacked 40 years ago when he quit the game . He found happiness and purpose by leading a team. He found Community. The arc of Bjorn Borg’s story is about the power of community. Build it . Be a part of it . Surround yourself with it .

Enjoyed leading the Arrowhead community today and glad to be a part of the F3 Cape Fear community. Niles out . Aye!