Boondocks = Electrifying

Date: 2-7-20


AO- Boon Docks

Pax: Bam Bam, Bob the Builder, Coffee Bean, Dino, Dixie Chic, Doubtfire, Happy, Kix, Overbite, Pony Express, Sooner, Waterboy, and Zuckerberg

It was dark. Really dark. Sparks were flying, transformers were blowing, the waves in Banks channel were Huge, and the  Popo and FF lights were flashing everywhere. Yet there were 14 pax saying “we have No Fear of Boondocks.”  Gimme the 0500, full one hour, legendary beatdown. So we did. 

Warmorama- yep

Tha Thang- yep

Mary- yep

CoT- Prayers for Overbite’s MIL as she recovers from hip surgery. Have you done a great job EHing pax for F3.  You should because it’s transformational. If you have surrendered to Jesus consider taking that same energy and commitment into EHing for Him. 

Moleskin- Reading a full, detailed BB on the Boondocks only creates FOBD.  The only way to defeat FOBD is to post. When you post you will see the first crack of light an hour before the big orange ball rises.  You will see the ocean roaring.  You’ll get burpees, pull ups, and you’ll get the 6.  But most of all, you will get a whole new level of shield lock with some pax who chose the path that was just a little bit tougher so they could get just a little bit tougher. Will you choose to defeat FOBD and join us?

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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