Use The “Buddy System”!

2/7/20 – Stingray (Ogden Park) – #FridayShieldLock

8 PAX – Sparkles, Sparky, EOM, Cabana Boy, Geiger, Thumbs, 10 Count, HushPuppy (YHC)

8 PAX braved the stormy condition to come out in the Gloom this morning. YHC was excited to see Geiger and 10 Count join him on another installment of #ShortyShortsDay. Other PAX were not so excited…….. We circled up for the:

Warm-O-Rama: Hillbillies x 20, Gravel Pickers x 20, Lil Orphan Annies x 10 each arm, Partner Fist-Bump Merkins x 20

Thang Numero Uno:

PAX moseyed over the the middle parking lot of the park. Geiger tried to make a leap of faith over a small river of water and completely ate it on the slippery land. His graceful landing amused every PAX and proved as a learning experience for the rest to run around the slippery hazard. Once to the parking lot, the PAX partnered up with a Buddy! As an Elementary School Teacher, YHC reminded everyone that we need to use the Buddy System! With their partner they would complete the “BUDDY SYSTEM CIRCUIT” with was displayed on a white board. The partner exercises went to the other side of the parking lot and back. They were as followed:

1) Piggy backs to the other side of the parking lot and back. (alternate piggy backers)

2) Up and Over Planks: Partner holds plank while other partner jumps over them. Process repeated over and over.

3) Bear Crawl Indian Run

4) Squating Leap Frogs

5) Duck Walk Indian Run

PAX then completed the partner exercises in REVERSE ORDER back to the top! Also, at each half point of the exercise, PAX completed 10 Big Boy Sit ups and had to share something about themselves with their partner.

Thang Numero Dos:

PAX Moseyed back to AO. Geiger was much more careful when crossing the rushing waters of the river! PAX lined up all together and completed a full team Bear Crawl Indian Run down 3/4ths of the Parking Lot. They then hit an About-Face and performed a full team Duck Walk Indian Run back to the Flag. PAX circled up and shared with the answer to the #FridayShieldLock Question: “Why is community important to you?”

Prayers for anyone who had damage or complications from the storm, Sparkles starting a new job as the Student Ministries Production Manager at PC3, and YHC as I travel for a soccer tournament this weekend. It was always a pleasure to Q with my Stingray BUDDIES!!!!!!

HushPuppy Signing Off.


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