Sneaky Q Flag Capture


QIC: Snickers

Location: HMP

29 PAX: YHC, LETC, Pathfinder, Pixel Pusher, Jewel, Bosley, Fire Marshall Bill, Flight Nurse, Floppy Disc, Hoff, The Tongue, Ordnance, Brady, Fixer Upper, Test Tube, Morpheus, Gravity, Goat, Sparky, SOL, Big Sky, Mayhem, Mr. T, Adjuster, Doogie, Tom Sawyer, Blue Steal, Steak Knives, Hello Kitty,

Warmorama: SSH ICx30, Moroccan Knight Club ICx20, Pebble Pickers IC x 15, Merkin Wave to 7

The Thang:

Head to the Baseball field for a little balls the wall/Fence. 29 Pax 5 count each!!!!

Mosey to the intersection to goose island circle Between each Speed Bump; we will rotate between Walk like an Egyptian Indian Lunge and Merkin Plank Inch Worm Zig Zag. At each speed bump and one crosswalk, each PAX will complete OYO 5 Burpees, 10 V-ups, 15 Squats, 20 Monkey Humpers. If you finish early, do LBC’s until everyone is done.

Walk Like An Egyptian Indian Lunge: Pax line up, single-file about an arm-length apart, and began moving forward in a lunge walk while the PAX in the back runs zig-zag through the line. After the first attempt, we went from a single file line to two lines:)

Merkin Plank inchworm zig zag: PAX got in two lines with space in-between each other. The two PAX in the back will get up and run zig-zag up their line, when they pass the PAX in Plank, the PAX will knock out a Merkin. This will continue until the group reaches the next Speed bump.

When we completed the loop, we headed back to the AO

Mary: NOPE

COT: Finished at 0512 to take time talk about the importance of the F3 Brotherhood a how we need each other to get stronger. Prayer Gravity’s Wife for Safe travels up North.

Announcement: BITS to follow the workout at Mayfair Chick-Fil-ABig Rock Bible Study Tomorrow 0630-0730 Location to be announced later. Tom Sawyer little board challenge of 30 days…..Ask him for details, LETC invited PAX and M’s to join him for a Wednesday Bible study starting soon, Pathfinder invited PAX to His how on Friday nights for games and conversation on being a better Husband and Father, Those PAX who use Social Media please like and share the post so F3 can reach more people.

Ghost Flag is Going to Leland!!!

Strong work Everyone. It was an honor and privilege to Q the workout today at HMP. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT


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