Loop de Loop



AO: Stingray

16 PAX: BamBam, GenX, Sparky, Pledge, Lil Jon, KnucklePuck, Shakedown, Bogey, Sundance, Sparkles, Roadie, Ballbearing, Closer, Geiger, G.O.A.T., OTC

Warmup: SSH IC x25, Daisy Picker IC x25, Imperial Walker IC x25

Thang: Run one mile loop around Ogden Park, stop at coupon pile by the road and do 20 merkins, 30 coupon presses, 40 american hammers with coupon. Rinse and repeat x3

Mary: hello dolly, heels to heaven, Freddie Mercury, the back to the flag, time for 1 minute of LBC

COT: BITS at chic fi la at Mayfair on wednesdays after your favorite workout, Daddy Daughter dance this weekend at Port City Community Church, prayers for Roadies friend Sidney going through chemo, continued prayers for Closers wife battling limes disease

Always a pleasure to lead you Gentlemen, OTC out


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