Birthday Fun and Games at Baywatch

DATE: 2/1/20

AO: Baywatch

QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: Flight Nurse, LETC, Steak Knives, Blue Steel, Closer, Sunrise, Wapner, Jaguar, Dixie Chick, Bone Spur, Hoveround, Tank, Vogue, Busted Grill, Dino, Waterboy, Beauty, Sprinkles, SOL, Tom Sawyer, ChopShop, McFly, OTC, Hoff, Last(coffeeteria after ruck)

26 PAX beat the fartsack on a damp wet Saturday. Some were running, some rucking, most playing on the playground and fields of WB Park. My apologies for screwing up the namerama video but I think I remembered everyone.


Merkins IC X 20
Mountain Climbers IC X 20
Wide Arm Merkins IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 15

11’s on basketball court
Monkey Humpers


Count off into 4 groups for Field Day

Station 1 Playground
8 exercises for 1 minute each
Shuffle Burpees
American Hammer
Box jump-Merkin
Squat Jump
Wooly Worm
Balls to Wall

Station 2 Heavy Ball Coupons
Sets of 10 of each exercise, rinse and repeat until timer goes off
Ball Burpees
Block Webb
Step ups

Station 3 and 4 left field
Ultimate Frisbee
After each score 5 burpees for the team that is scored upon

Timed intervals at each station until every group finishes each station

No time left for Mary


Prayers for Antonio Moore and his family, Wilmington native and Hoggard alum killed in Syria, as he makes his final journey home today. See details on Slack about his procession today.

Thank you gentlemen for coming out and allowing me to lead. As I am about to begin my 56th trip around the the sun I would echo Flight Nurse regarding having priorities in life in order and be present and don’t take any day for granted as tomorrow is not promised.

Tiny Dancer


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