Thursday Thunder Backblast

Thursday Thunder Backblast

-1 EC: Me

-10 PAX: me, Snickers, Offering Plate, Doggy Bag, Lightning, Geiger, Hushpuppy, Brady, Closer, Bosley


-Gravel pickers 25

-4 count merkins 10

-50 side straddle hops

•Thang 1: Dora Keg clean and jerk

-4 teams

-one person lunges to keg and then does 10 clean and jerks

-teammate uses blocks following lifts:

-300 shoulder press

-300 curls

-300 chest press

•Thang 2: kegscalator

-one person runs with keg or blocks around parking lot

-all coupons lined up

-kegs are squats and shoulder press

-blocks are front raises, rows, step ups

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Postblasts/Namorama-DoThem! Thumbs teeth. Liberty Tavern Tobytalk 6:30pm BYOM! Offering Plate CCA golf tournament. Culvasac oyster roast! My boss in ICU. Live each day to your fullest!


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