Cold shower anyone ? Breakpoint 1/30/2020

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Q: Niles

When the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, I really wanted to go back to bed. It was raining and cold outside and the bed was warm and inviting. However , I had just finished reading a newsletter extolling the virtues of cold showers. Not that I hadn’t heard this a zillion times this year on build–a-bro Twitter , but this latest reminder sparked an idea. My F3 work out today would be my version of a cold shower. Get out there and create some hormesis ! What is hormesis you say ? As PD Mangan explains “Cold showers are part of the bizarre phenomenon of hormesis, in which small amounts of stress or toxins result in better health.

While cold showers aren’t necessary for health, willingly getting into uncomfortable situations is. 

Anyway, why would you want to take cold showers?

All comfort all the time destroys your health – fast! And cold showers are an easy way to add a bit of good stress to our lives.”

So armed with my Harmon Kardon onyx Bluetooth speaker and a 70s playlist , my lavender iPhone and reading glasses , I sallied forth into the wilds of Empie Park at five to scout the playground. At 5:25 a single car arrived in the gloom bearing Mr T !  I pitied that fool – it would be just the two of us getting cold and wet, convincing ourselves of the joy of hormesis . Miraculously seven more Pax showed shortly there after. Three clowns sans clown car ran up on us . Harvard entered stage left . Moneygun and Mayhem materialized from thin air . (Beauty broke off from his run with kicks and sooner and joined us at the tennis courts. )

We got the party started with Gary glitter and rock ‘n’ roll part two providing the cadence for seal claps , imperial walkers , and merkins.

Then moseyed the long way over to the pull-up bars at the playground for three sets of 10 pull-ups,

Then moseyed to the tennis courts for some agility work On the lines of the tennis courts mixed with incline merkins Durkin’s , Burpee’s , Bulgarian split squats , and three sets of increasing duration balls to the wall . 

Broga at the benches

Mosey to the start for Mary . Fatback asked asked for upright mary but Harvard was unimpressed with the request and proceeded to lead us in 50 flutter kicks. We boat posed , plow posed and Corpse posed for the win,

Count, name and COT

Prayers of gratitude and praise. Prayers for Mr kotter stepfather recovering from illness, mr. T’s friend who is dealing with terminal cancer, Mayhem who is trying to help a client with getting his affairs in order due to another illness, Beauty’s sister dealing with a difficult work situation.


Today was once again a reminder of the power of F3. There’s no way I would’ve been out there in the rain by myself but knowing that there was at least one other person I could count on joining me to work out and create our own hormesis was incentive to get out there.

My 70 soundtrack didn’t cooperate so I will play it for you guys next week at arrowhead where the Indian will show the palefaces how

 Harvard was sandbagging until he led us in Mary.

Mr kotter looks like Adrien Brody :

Beauty has the gift of encouragement. It’s a beautiful thing .

Appreciated the opportunity to lead you guys today. Thanks for showing up . Niles out . Aye !