A BeatDown Dedicated to the Mamba: Kobe Bryant

AO- YHC, Bogie, 10 Count, Geiger, Babyback, Wapner, Cabana Boy, Spin Doctor, Coffee Bean, SunDance, Knuckle Puck, Chop Shop, EOM, Mozart, Closer, Dino, and 1 part time FNG (Left before namorama).


Imperial Walkers x 24, Daisy Pickers x 24, SSH x 24

One this cold, frosty morning 16 PAX began their Beat Down with light mosey through the frostiness and cold air. On the way to the basketball courts, we came across a tall, mysterious figure. We greeted him with with a solid “GOOD MORNING”, but he had headphones in. T-Claps to Geiger for circling back to EH the mysterious man! Geiger returned with the new FNG and everyone gathered at the basketball court for a quick count off and instructions from YHC.

Thangy Thang 1: How Many Bobby Hurley’s???

PAX partnered up together in groups of 2 and 1 group of 3. YHC didn’t know what to call this part: Therefore it was mistakenly called an “ARMRAP” lol, Oops. One partner started doing (extremely well formed) Bobby Hurelys; while their partner had to Bear Crawl down the court, complete 24 merkins, then crawl back. Partners would switch off until 500 Bobby Hurely’s were completed in total! Through constant whining/ aka Constructive criticism, we reduced the number down to 400. It turned into an auction, with Knuckle Puck eventually just making random noises in an auctioneer voice. Wapner stated that this was just how Canadians speak. You learn something new everyday!

Thangy Thang 2: Circle of Mamba

PAX circled up on the court. YHC read from an interview of Kobe Bryant about what exactly is this #MambaMentality that he created.

“To sum up what Mamba Mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Bryant said.

“That is what the Mentality is,” he added. “It’s a constant quest to try to better today than you were yesterday.”

PAX one at a time went around the circle and shared one thing that they could strive to do better in their lives. They then followed with any exercise of choice for 24 reps. Bryant’s #MambaMentality reminded me of what F3 is about. We come out in the Gloom each morning to become a better version of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Towards the end, Knuckle Puck scared our FNG away by requesting 24 burpees after Chop Shop had already used that exercise. In reality the FNG had to bolt to get ready for his college class. Hopefully he will return to the gloom to get his nickname. Bueller was a good suggestion! Diino also had to leave early as per his Wednesday work routine.

Following the Circle of Mamba, the PAX mosey back to AO feeling inspired and sore. We circle back up for the Namorama, prayer requests, and praises. Prayers for Chop Shop family as his wife and kid travel to Africa! More prayers for him as he stays home with the rest of the kids! Also prayers for his upcoming CAT scan (meow). Other requests and praises were thrown out. We huddled up and prayed it out.

SHOW UP FOR THURSDAY THUNDER TOMORROW!!! 10 Count has declared for YHC to bring back the F3 KEGS and our New CINDER BLOCKS!!!!

HushPuppy signing off for now! (Small Dog Noises)


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