F3 Cape Fear Poker Run & Championship Belt

The Poker Run is intended to get local PAX to post more often at AOs around the region that they normally wouldn’t post at and to see and meet other PAX from those AOs.
This is a quarterly event (4 times a calendar year). The idea is to collect a single card from that day’s selected AO by posting at that AO and completing the workout. There will be 6/7 opportunities to collect a card throughout the week to try to make the best 5 card hand you possibly can. At the end of the last (Saturday) workout you collect your last card and play your hand to see if you win the F3 Cape Fear Championship Poker Run Belt!

Participation Rules:
1. Show up to the designated AO
2. Complete the workout
3. Get a card
4. Make the best 5 card hand you can
5. After the last workout, present your hand and see if you win the Belt!Game Rule &

1. This is a week long event.
2. One card will be issued to one participating Pax per workout.
3. This game will require 6/7 decks of cards (1 deck per workout day)
4. Trading cards is not allowed either with the “dealer” or other Pax.
5. The “dealer” is allowed to participate in the game.
6. This game is based on the honor system. Don’t cheat.
7. This is a quarterly event.
8. The reigning champion will have possession of the championship belt until the end of the next round of the game where the next champion is crowned (Belted).
9. If you are participating in the Poker Run Game yet you have Q at a different AO than the designated card AO you are still eligible to pick a card from that day (deck) at the next beatdown.
10. The Championship Belt was purchased with private funds from multiple Cape Fear Pax. Therefore, the Championship Belt is only meant for play and use in the Cape Fear region. We can not allow PAX from other regions to take the belt home with them.


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