Advisory Council Meeting

Date: 1/27/20

AO: Advisory Council Meeting

QIC: Sparky (R)

PAX: Beauty, LETC (R), Hoveround (R), Kix, Pony Express, Closer, Bone Spur, SOL, Gen X, I Flight Nurse, Gump, Sprinkles, Water Boy, 10 Count, Hush Money

(I apologize if I missed anyone, going off of memory)

Meeting came to order

– Nantan

  • Goal is to get an American flag at each AO.  The flag is something that shows our identity and gives a nice look when new men show up.  EPO can build and design the flag for $32, looking to have PAX at each AO/Workout to pitch in to cover cost.  Long term goal is to have another shovel flag that displays the AO flag itself.

(Look on Slack for what LETC and Tom Sawyer posted to give you more on why we do a backblack)

  • Each regional weasel shaker has F3 decals to give to the FNG’s on their first visit.


  • Announcement of upcoming challenge that will include all 3 F’s in order to complete the challenge


  • Backblast – If you’re the Q it is your responsibility to get a backblast posted, done in WordPress, within 48 hours of the workout.  Gump (our new web site Q) is working on getting a separate channel on Slack to dump the backblast in, versus Mumblechatter channel.  If you do not have access to WordPress DM Gump.

–     Nantan Challenge – Feb. 21st – 150 PAX posting that morning, before our 2nd F event to following day.

–       Announced the regional weasel shakers

–       1st F Q – Pony Express
o       Looking to hold 2 CUSAP events, one in spring and one in the fall

–       2nd F Q – Bonespur/Hoveround
o       Announcement of Oyster Roast 1/22 – Look at Slack for more detail
o       Looking at another camping trip and other events

–       3rd F Q – Hushpuppy
o       Could not attend by YHC talked about how he is encouraging each Q to plan your Q around SheildLock

–       Was brought up with discussion around the exercise “cottonpickers”. After discussion the concences was to rename the exercise – “Gravel Pickers”

If anyone has any additions or corrections please let me know.

Meeting adjoined with BOM
Sparky out



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