TTBB and oh…75-65!

Date: 1-28-20


AO- Turbo Tuesday

Pax:  L8 Penny, Bob the Builder, Hushmoney, Matlock (f3enc), Overbite, Pixel Pusher, Pony Express, Sooner, Tank, Trump, Waterboy, 

Confused pax gathered in multiple parking lots, but finally managed to mosey to the AO.  Matlock from ENC even found us. 


30 Seal claps IC 

20 imperial walkers IC

10 gravel pickers IC

Mosey to Wings.

Indian Run to Blockade runner.

Partner up.  Run the block in opposite directions, incorporating the beach accesses.  Every time you meet your partner, you each do 5 burpees.  AMRAP.

Mosey to beach.  Find the softest sand on the beach.  Indian Run back to Stone Street access.  

Mosey to Wings.  Sprint to Catholic Church, mosey back to flag.

Mary- 30 flutters IC 

CoT- Prayers for all of your teenage sons.  This daddy stuff is a heck of a lot harder than it looks.   Continued prayers for my friend Stuart Smith.  One day there will be a day we cannot do this.  His day is here.  

Moleskin-  Matlock, it was great to see you brother.  GrowRuck 2 seems so long ago, but it also seems like yesterday.  For you pax who have not done the F3travel thing you are missing out.  Our brotherhood is bigger and stronger than you can imagine.  BtB, don’t know why all of the pax say they have missed you.  YHC has been seeing you.  Guess they are going to the wrong AOs.  Hushmoney, where was the belt?  We need to see the belt.  Tank, you sandbagged.  You even got Trump to sandbag with you today.  You know Trump can’t run without talking to someone.  Pixel, you are a TT regular now, and we love it. Pony tracked me down on the last lap of the partner runs.  Have a feeling he was toying with me like a cat.  Sooner, brother, we don’t know how you do all you do.  But we want you to keep doing it.  Waterboy, loving the twist on EC – Exceptional Credit.  What a way to start the day!  Best part of all is that the Wolfpack still can’t beat my Heels – even when we suck.  Keep giving it away brothers.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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