Who’s motiv8ed?


What motivates you ?

What hinders your motivation?

These were Hushpuppy’s questions for our shield lock Friday.

26 of Cape fear’s finest joined YHC for a positively balmy Friday morning at the inimitable Hugh McRaePark. The principles were enumerated , disclaimers were made. Let’s get it on!



Imp walkers


Mountain climbers

Partner up , run to pull-up bars

At each speed bump

10 partner merkins , 10 mountain climbers

Mosey to pull-ups

10 pull-ups , 10 big boy dips , piggy back or lunge walk w partner around corral . 3 sets .

Mosey to coupons

1 partner does lion kings w coupon , The other runs around the retention pond. Flapjack. 

1 partner does Single leg coupon squats on each leg , The other runs around the retention pond and flapjack. 

Mosey to tennis court for balls to the wall.

Jailbreak to the flag.

Five minutes of Broga and shield locking over discussion questions. 

Per Cameron Sepah , MD :

People want to

1) Feel good (addiction)

2) Avoid pain (avoidance)

3) Be right (ego)

Strive to

1) Be present (mindfulness)

2) Open up (willingness)

3) Do what matters (be effective)


Prayers for leaders , first responders , The guardians and protectors of our freedom, and for us to be better men.

Fire Marshall Bill’s daughter will be traveling to Cambodia with the Peace Corps. Prayers for her safety and for peace of mind and comfort for he and his wife. 

Prayers to strengthen marriages, new babies and healing of illnesses.

Waterboy dragged Sooner around for some speedy extra credit. good thing Sooner has methane- powered afterburners to keep up. 

Speaking of keeping up, good job sunrise. No one would’ve guessed that you had bypass surgery not so long ago. 

We should’ve said a prayer for The adjusters Manchester United. Of course he had to remind me that I was an Arsenal supporter. 

The Hoff came and went like an apparition or BeetleJuice .  LIFO Hoff is still better than no Hoff.

Busted Grill didn’t get to complain about my music because there wasn’t any. Frankly, I did have an entire Squeeze playlist arranged in honor of Jules Holland birthday on January 24 but  will torture you with that another time. And in a remarkable act of synchronicity, tickets just went on sale for Squeeze’s show in Wilmington this summer. https://eventful.com/wilmington/events/squeeze-/E0-001-133349966-3

We had an abundance of sparkles today. Our very own Sparkles from Cape fear got to meet Sparkles from Carteret County. Carteret sparkles apparently got his name from some kind of macabre fireworks incident but to his credit, he did not apparently first say “hey y’all watch this” .

Good to see some new faces , some OG, and the usual suspects.

Always a pleasure to lead the HIM of Cape fear. Niles out . Aye! 


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