It’s All Fun and Games

DATE:  1/23/20

AO:  Battleship

PAX:  Hoverround, Tiny Dancer, Fatback, Daggerboard, Money Gun, Bone Spur, Jewel, 8-Penny, Flying Wasp, Skipper (Cary)

QIC:  Mr. Kotter


  • SSH x20  IC
  • IW x20  IC
  • Burpees x10  OYO


  • Indian Run to parking deck
  • run up the stairs to top deck
  • Merkins x10  IC
  • run to opposite stairwell, down stairs and exit onto Front St
  • Mosey to Heisenberg’s Court

THANG 2:  

  • grab some wall while QIC states that there are 5 principles of F3 and asks pax to name them one at a time
  • 1st response: Workouts are Free – pax celebrate with 10 Dips OYO  (FREE OF CHARGE)
  • 2nd response: Workouts are Outside –  pax celebrate with 20 Merkins OYO  (WHILE OUTSIDE)
  • 3rd response: Workouts are Open to All Men –  (ALL MALE) pax celebrate with 30 Squats OYO
  • 4th response: Workouts end in COT* –  pax celebrate with 40 LBCs
  • 5th response: Workouts are Peer Led –  pax celebrate with 50 Step-ups OYO  (QIC led and participated with pax)
  • Mosey to CFCC Student Parking Lot near PPD

*Transparency Moment-  4th Response was actually, “in rain or shine, heat or cold.”  YHC did not think to correct this response.  The phrase “in rain or shine, heat or cold” is part of the principle that states Workouts Are Held Outdoors.  Even worse, YHC still did not think to correct the response after the 5th Response was given, thereby completely overlooking the principle that Workouts End in COT.


  • welcome to a life-size board game of F3
  • Game Layout:  12 spaces arranged around the perimeter of the board (parking lot)
  • Game-board Spaces:
    1. Plank Jacks
    2. Mountain Climbers
    3. Take-A-Lap  (corner 1)
    4. Bro-Merkins
    5. Wide-Arm Merkins
    6. Overhead Presses w/sandbags  (corner 2)
    7. Copperhead Squats
    8. Monkey Humpers
    9. Sprint Up / Mosey Down  (corner 3)
    10. Big Boy Sit-ups
    11. American Hammers
    12. Dice’s Fate: Burpees x5  (corner 4) (start/stop)
  • QIC lead pax in a mosey around the board to identify the spaces and corresponding exercises
  • pax gather at the start on corner 4 and partner up.  Pax then hold plank while waiting their turn to roll the die and begin the game.
  • Caveats:
    • each space has a single die   (btw…single die is redundant)
    • roll the die, mosey that many spaces, do the corresponding exercise
    • exercise count- Lap 1=10;  Lap 2=20;  Lap 3=30
    • each time pax round corner 4 they celebrate with 10 Burpees


  • American Hammers x50  IC  (obligatory BD count)


  • prayers of guidance and assurance for Skipper as he begins to mentor an associate
  • prayers of acceptance that mistakes happen for Bone Spur’s 2.0 as a result of a recent fender bender
  • prayers of safety for first responders near and far
  • prayers of gratitude for posting!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  I appreciate your willingness to follow!

Kotter out.


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