28 degrees – 31 pax HMP

Date: 1-22-20



Pax:  Beauty, Big Sky, Bosley, Brady, Cookie, Cover charge, Crosswalk, Flight nurse, Goat, Gravity, Kix, Hoosier Daddy, Hushmoney, Hush puppy, Lightning, Mayhem, Ordinance, Pixel Pusher, RX, Snickers, SOL, Solo, Sparkles, Steak knives, Sunrise, Test Tube, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Trump, and Warner

When the number of pax (31) exceeds the temp  (28), it’s a great start to a day.


29 Seal claps IC 

21 imperial walkers IC

9 gravel pickers IC

Get in groups of 3. Mosey the long way to pull up bars. Stop at every speed bump for 5 burpees. Find out what brought your partners to F3 for first time. What keeps them coming back. 

Tha Thang-

Partner 1 starts at pull up bars. 5 pull ups, 10 scorpion dry docks, and 15 squats. AMRAP. 

Partner 2 starts at goose poop island.  5 box jumps, 10 derkins, 15 dips. AMRAP. 

Partner 3 runs to goose poop island, up stairs, back to pull up bars, relieves partner 1.

Partner 1 runs to relieve partner 2. 

Rinse and repeat x3. 

Mary to wait on 6. 

Mosey with partners back to flag. 

Sparkles led us through 20 hello dollies, and signed up for his first TWO Qs.  

CoT- Prayers for all the unspoken concerns.  We are all carrying burdens. F3 is here so you don’t carry them alone. Hopefully the partner sharing helped everyone to get to know their brothers a little more, and how transformative F3 has been in all of our lives. There is no way to express how much F3 has shaped my health, my family relationships, my work, my friends, my faith.  To say it has been transformational is an understatement.  It was given free to me.  We’re obligated to pass it on.

Moleskin-  Yhc thought the 31 pax were all about my Q, but then they all huddled around Crosswalk to get their card for the Poker Run. It will look good on you Tom Sawyer. I want to see a blonde mullet and neon briefs in the office. Woooooooooooo!  Sparkles is latest in a long line of HIMs that Beauty has found. He must own an HIM factory somewhere. Today was a lot of fun. Lots of OGs, and lots of newbies. There are more sad clowns out there. Let’s go get them. Keep giving it away brothers.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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