Perfect 7 at the Workshop

Date: 1-20-20


AO- The Workshop

Pax:  8 Penny, Dino, Dixie Chic, Spin Dr, Trump, and Waterboy

Someone turned the AC on!  It’s 35 degrees warmer than yesterday morning, but Hey, we’re men so it will not deter us.  Let’s get to work.


30 Seal claps IC 

20 hillbillies IC

10 cotton pickers 

Mosey to Stone St access for tha Thang.

Tha Thang-

Serpentine to Crystal Pier.  15 merkins at beach access, 30 squats at Lumina Ave, all the way to the pier.

At pier, run back to Stone St.  But do it as Catch me if you can.  Find a partner.  Partner A runs backwards.  Partner B does 10 merkins, and runs to catch him.  Flapjack until you get to Stone St.

On beach at Stone St, 50 LBCs IC.  Check out the stars, the ocean, and the first crack of dawn.  Amazing place we live!

Sprint length of Stone St, then mosey back to flag.


Flutter kicks IC x 30

5 burpees.

CoT- Prayers for a brother in a struggle.  You are not alone.  Thanks for sharing your struggles.  We will help you carry your burden.  That is what F3 is all about.  Reach out.  We are here to help.

Moleskin-  We started with 6.  Then Trump appeared out of nowhere.  That must have been some Baby-lorette party (or whatever you youngins call it).  8penny beat you to the workout.  He actually made it at 0530 today.  Tclaps.  Dino, you should have let Sam come.  It made my day to catch up with Spin Dr and Dixie Chic.  Waterboy, strong work brother.  Thanks for pushing us.  Missed you boys.  Can’t think of a better way to start my week.  Keep giving it away brothers.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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