Arrowhead make up Q edition

AO: Arrowhead

Date: 1-17-20

QIC: Special K

Pax: Busted grill, Niles, Tom Sawyer, Mr. T, Dogwood

Warmorama: 100 SSH IC at MCW

Mosey to rock quarry for coupons

The Thang: Ladder work:

1. 10 merkins

2. 15 chest press w coupon

3. 15 shoulder press w coupon

4. 15 bent over row w coupon

5. 20 squats w coupon

6. 20 lunges w coupon

7. 20 Bobby Hurley’s

8. 25 flutter kicks

9. 25 LBCs

10. 25 American Hammer 2c

In between rungs run to the parking lot loop

Return coupons and head back to MCW for TAPS

Mary: na


fear and joy

gifts and the body of Christ

Seek gods approval, not mans

Affirmation of the father

Fear of a father

Joy in the lord


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