Smoke on the Court-Breakpoint

Date: 1-16-20


AO- Breakpoint

Pax:  Sparkles, Beauty, Big Sky, Brick City, Crosswalk, Floppy Disk, Gump, Hahvahd, Hello Kitty, Mayhem, Morpheus Overbite, Sunrise, Tiny Dancer.

As the 15 pax gathered in the gloom, Gump materialized out of the woods.  Hmmm?  Sparkles showed up for the 3rd day in a row.  No longer FNG status!  Let’s put on a beatdown. 


30 Seal claps IC 

20imperial walkers

10 cotton pickers 

20 shoulder press IC

40 shoulder press IC

Find a partner that you do not know well.  Get to know them in the next 45 minutes.   

Mosey to the carpeted shuffle board court thingies.  Not easy to find in the dark.

Tha Thang-

With partner, DORA 100 dead-stop merkins, 200 sumo squats, 300 LBCs.  Partners bear crawl length of carpet court and back.

Mosey to tennis courts.

4 corners stacked.  15 diamond merkins, 15 wide arm merkins, 15 merkins, 15 balls2wall merkins.

11s. Dips and burpees.

Time ran out.  Back to flag.

Back to flag. No time for Mary. 

CoT- Prayers for for Hello Kitty’s dad in his bypass surgery.  Prayers for the marine befriended by Sparkles going through a divorce and loneliness.  

Moleskin- What yhc learned this week:  Sparkles has his first shortie on the way, and he’s a Tar Heel.  Hello Kitty and Mayhem live near one of my favorite water holes.  Gump is a missionaries kid who once lived in Bolivia (not Brunswick).  Beauty averages 6 HCs of fngs per week.  Hahvahd is a stud and an inspiration.  Overbite needs a chiropractor after my workouts.  Brick City can make it further north than Battleground.  Tiny Dancer may move his 15 pets into a condo one day.  Big Sky can keep a smile even when he’s being overworked at work.  Cross walk has 2 MILs.  Floppy D is not so floppy – turning into a rock solid stud.  Morpheus’s daughter Davis is dating Davis.  Sunrise doesn’t just happen at Baywatch 0700.  It comes up at 0530 quite often as well.  F3 will transformational.  You get so much out of it than what you put in.  Keep giving it away brothers.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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