Fix your T 1/3/20

Witchdoctor and YHC were talking about the rising problem of low testosterone in men last week and it got me thinking that this would be a good theme for my Leland Q .

So on an unusually warm first Friday in January, YHC gathered with seven of Leland’s finest for my should-be-patented Cardiyo along with some tips to how to raise yo T naturally. Man , that sound like the beginning of a dope rap !

Seal claps and then around the outskirts of the park. 

11’s – squats and Bobby H

Incline merkins, bear crawl, ski jumps , lunge walk rotation

Pull ups and squats at the jungle gym



Steps to raise your testosterone

1. Get more Sleep

2. De- stress

3. Get more Sun for vit D

4. Squats ( compound lifts targeting large muscles)

5. Sprinting

6. Eat more Saturated fats – testosterone is made made from cholesterol. This is a contentious topic but I’m convinced that for many men lowering cholesterol too much is causing mental health issues and lowering testosterone.

7. Stay away from xenoestrogens (BPA) , don’t smoke cannabis, reduce alcohol , and reduce soy. All lower testosterone.

Soundtrack provided by the Rolling Stones – natch


Snickers leading a mindful renewal at Reach church

Good times at Leland park. This is an undiscovered gem and I’d like to get out here more. Beautiful park, good group of motivated guys and high enthusiasm! Thanks for having me. Aye ! Niles out. 


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