Sooners Birthday Week

Sooner’s Birthday Week

AO’s: Multiple

QIC: Sooner

PAX: A lot were there. Go check the nameoramas.

The week started off just like any other week, except at the end of this week I was going to be 28 years old. I thought what better way to celebrate getting another year older than by Q’ing almost everyday this week. So I did it.

It started on Monday at my home AO, The MonsterFactory. I had told Yogi if he posted with me I would let him co-Q it with me. This was a great idea because HushPuppy and Geiger couldn’t get enough of “What’s up?!?” And “Get some!!!!!” We did TONS of pull-ups and some burpees. This was also when I first met the new F3 All-Star Sundance! He looked like Beauty and sounded like Beauty, but had longer hair and was shorter. I immediately wanted to be his best friend.

Tuesday I have a LifeGroup that Lighthouse and I lead, therefore I did not Q.

Wednesday I picked up Beignet and Happy and we made our way down to THE BATTLEGROUND. We started off with 10 min non stop of leg exercises. 10 exercises, one minute each. Once our legs were on fire, we did 8 min non stop of upper body exercises. Then we did 12 min of an exercises non stop. It was a great workout if I do say so myself. We moseyed back to the flag and split into three teams for a relay race. Beauty’s Team was short a man, so I told him he had to go twice. The race was super close….well at least for two of the teams. We saw Beignet take off the fastest we ever seen. It came down to Beauty and I. Neck and neck. My only advantage was it was his second time to run. I barely won. I think he let me win. He threw up. I wanted to throw up. And so did Beignet.

Thursday I HAD to Q at the coolest AO around COOLRUNNINGS. Long story short, we ran in many many circles. It was like we got lost in a labyrinth and time flew by. I got to talk to and get to know Green Thumb. He is from Missouri. A fellow Midwesterner!!! We ended with some more sprints to make us hurt. It worked. Master Splinter aka PonyExpress and The Shredder aka Bonespur we’re there. It made me so glad.

Friday I HAD to go down to the newest freshest AO in CapeFear The Arrowhead!!! I went there the afternoon before to scope out the territory in my creepy van with my creepy mustache. I got many strange looks from children and there parents alike while I was on the playground putting together my workout. The workout consisted of finding our inner kid and playing on the playground. We did this while listening to the Rocky Soundtrack. Then we played a couple games on the awesome field they have there. We played Sharks and Minnows. Sharks used their headlamps. It was dope. Then we played infection. The infected got to use their headlamps. It was like hunting down animals. Happy won both games. He is crafty. We finished with going around the circle holding a plank and saying why we come out to F3. An FNG said to get shredded for the summer…..his name is now Abercrombie.

Saturday was Baywatch time. Instead of wasting 20 min running down to the beach, I wanted to utilize our time working out at the park. We started off with some shuttles and a really tough bear crawl shuttle on the basketball court. We also did some basketball drills to bring back our inner basketball players. We moseyed over to the playground and found our inner kid again. I think Dino really enjoyed the workout. He didn’t complain at all….. next up was some Dora under the pavilion. 100 sumo squats, 200 wide grip merkins, 300 lbcs. The other partner ran to a bench and did 10 box jumps. We moseyed back to the basketball court and did a 10 in one minute. We all almost made it. So we did burpees. The sky was beautiful today. Praise God.

It was my honor to lead you men this week. I thank the God of creation and the universe for life and good health. I have been trying to live this new year with this phrase in everything I do. “You weren’t made to hold back.” Gentlemen, we were not made to hold back. In our families, in our health, in our spiritual lives, in our rest, in our marriages, in our jobs, in everything. So let’s man up this year.

Sooner, OUT!


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