Hush, I Think I Hear a Q on the Fly

Date: 1/9/20

AO: Break-Point

QIC: Seahorse (on the fly after the 2020 alarm clock debacle impacted yet another fine pax)

Pax: 9 – Big Sky, Flight Nurse, Floppy Disk, Gump, Hahvahd, Hello Kitty, Last, Mayhem

Pups: 1 – Cali

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 25 IC, Through the Tunnel x 20 IC, Imperial Walkers x 20 IC, Merkins x 35 IC (Pax that attended SOL’s 8k HMP Merkin-Fest yesterday did not appreciate this last exercise)

The Thang: Mosey long way around to the old tennis court; Flight Nurse and Cali ran park security while the rest of the Pax partnered up for some Dora 1-2-3: 100 Hello Dolly’s, 200 flutter kicks (each leg), and 300 LBC’s. Partner 1 exercises while Partner 2 runs the length of the court and back, flapjack till complete.

The Thang 2: Stay on court, but move to the mini gazebo for 2nd round of Dora 1-2-3: 100 incline Merkins, 200 step-ups (each full-up is 1), 300 dips. Partner 1 exercises, while Partner 2 bear crawls down to end of 1st court, then crab walks back, flapjack till complete then Mosey long way around back to the AO

COT: Praise for Flight Nurse starting to see some recovery of his back from Flamer’s debilitating Sprint Tac Toe last Saturday and Prayers that he continues to heal up; Praise that Flight Nurse’s M was offered a position when it seemed her job would just be temporary; Prayers for those that lost their jobs due to downsizing at Big Sky’s workplace, Prayers for Hello Kitty’s Father, John, in Minnesota, who is scheduled to have a triple bypass next week; Prayers that a big opportunity will work out for Mayhem at his workplace; Prayers for Gump’s brother-in-law who is only 45 and having heart issues.

Q: How do you get a Seahorse to lead a workout?   A: Don’t give him any Hush Money!

9th day of 2020 – who’s motivated?  If it’s not on your to-do list yet, make plans to complete the 7 in 7, 20 in 30, 50 in 10, 100 in 20 and OAR challenges this year.  Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.  Any questions, head over to the Challenge channel on Slack or just ask!

Always an honor and pleasure!  Till the currents wash me your way again (or a Q fartsacks),


…See Sooner, it’s not that hard.


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