Counting the Pines

How many Long Leaf Pines are in Hugh MacRae Park?

In the early 1990s it was estimated that Hugh MacRae park had 160 trees per acre, according to Tara Duckworth, director of New Hanover County Parks and Gardens. The park consists of 120 acres, so that is roughly 19,000 trees.

That was shortly before a planned thinning of the trees and, also because of natural effects such as lightning and disease. the park has considerably fewer trees now than in the late 1990s. Duckworth says they do have a replant every year of 100 Longleaf pines and they recently have worked with the Forest Service to combat insect invasions of the park’s trees. Duckworth says a “shot in the dark” estimate of the present number of trees is 7,000.

Duckworth says the county received the land for the park on a deed from the MacRae family in April 1925.

AO: Hugh MacRae Park – Wednesday Edition – #OG-AO

Date: 1/8/2020


20 PAX: DOL, Moab, Magnito, Big Sky, Flounder, Hahvahd, Sunshine, Lumber, Goat, Daggerboard, Sweatervest, Steak Knives, Overbite, Hover Round, LETC, Hello Kitty, Mayham, Pixel Pusher, Mr. T, & SOL

Warm Up (IC): Merkins x 25 (2 count), Imperial Walkers x 25, Pickle Pickers x 20, SSH x 20, & Merkins x 25 (2 count) – (100 Merkins x 20 PAX = 2000 Merkins)

The Thing: Speed Bump Thump – Looped around on our mosey to hit 10 speed bumps. 15 Merkins at each. (15 Merkins x 10 speed bumpgs x 20 PAX = 3000 Merkins)

Pull Up Bars short circuit: [10 Pull ups, 20 Dips, 25 Merkins] x 2 (25 Merkins x 2 x 20 PAX = 1000 Merkins)

Mosey to BBall Court: Bear Crawl Brawl: bear crawl to half court -25 Merkins, back pedal to baseline, bear crawl full court to opposite baseline -25 Merkins back pedal back to original baseline (25 Merkins x 2 x 20 PAX = 1000 Merkins)

Raleigh Bro’s circuit (name!?) [1 Big boy sit up, 4 American Hammers, 5 Merkins][2 Big boy situps, 8 American Hammers, 5 Merkins] [3 Big boy sit ups, 12 American Hammers, 5 Merkins] and on up to [10 Big boy sit ups, 40 American Hammers, 5 Merkins] (5 Merkins x 10 x 20 PAX = 1000 Merkins)

2000 + 3000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 = 8000 Merkins! 7000 Pines – 7000 Merkins + 1000 to grow on!

Still Time Left on the Clock so the PAX took to 4 Corners (cumulative) : 25 squats, 25 Freddie Mercury’s (2 count), 25 American Hammers, 25 Mountain Climbers

Last Minute of the game, the PAX played 10 vs 10 basketball, Technically it was a tie 1-1, but team 2 pulled off a post buzzer layup for the win… Or not, we’ll call it a tie, since I was team 1. Ha!

Back to the Flags!

COT: Prayers for Big Sky with all that is going on with his job right now, Happy Birthday to Flounder’s daughter, Chic-Fil A bible study, major prayers for our military with all that is going on over seas, and prayers for our world leaders that they keep global peace.


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