A Woody Ballast Beatdown

Date: 1-7-20


AO- Ballast Beatdown

Pax:  Band Camp, Blu Steel, Crocket, Big Tex, Dagger Board, DOL, Waterboy, The Flying Wasp, Kix, Mr Kotter, Mr T, Money Gun, Seahorse, and Tiny Dancer.

The one and only Tuesday Bootcamp had a gaggle of pax emerge at 0530, looking for a beatdown. Let’s see if we can accommodate. 


30 Seal claps IC 

16 imperial walkers

15 cotton pickers 

Merkin/Mtn climber combo 5 merkins/10 Mtn climbers x 4

The pax found a couple of 8×8 piling stubs in my truck. They looked like fun so we toted them to the parking deck. 

Tha Thang-

2 lines for a non-running Indian run to the top of parking deck. Man in front caries the lumber. 

Variety of lunges, buttkickers, and high knees. 

At top, Modified ring of Fire. 2 pax on opposite side of circle hold lumber overhead. All other pax plank, as a wave of 5 merkins moves around circle, then lumber moves 1 pax right. Continue until lumber has gone all the way around circle. 

Then partner up for Dora. 

100 Carolina dry docks

200 squats

300 flutter kicks. 

Run down staircase for modified Jacobs ladder. 

Up staircase for 1 derkin.  Run to bottom.

Rinse and repeat up to 3, then back down.

Back to flag. No time for Mary. 

CoT- Prayers for Mr T’s coworker who has stage 4 cancer. 

Moleskin- Mr Kotter is going to have to get a clown bus. His neighborhood posse keeps growing. Awesome!  Waterboy, Waterboy, Waterboy.  If you paid attention you got that😜  It’s awesome to see SOL, Bandcamp, and Big Tex – newish pax taking the DRPs.  Daily red pills. It doesn’t get easier, but you do get stronger. Well, maybe not you DOL – You’re already strong as an ox.  Stop #2 on my 2020 Q train. Thanks for getting on board. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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