12 Days of Christmas iron island edition

AO: Iron island

Date: 12-28

QIC: Special K

Pax: Sparerib, Mountee, Fluter, Will-B-Gone (Winston-Salem)


SSH 100 IC

Mosey to boardwalk:

The Thang: Ladder work:

1. 10 merkins

2. 25 rows

3. 25 dips

4. 25 squats

5. 15 lunges

6. 15 Bobby Hurley’s

7. 15 mt. Climbers 2c

8. 25 LBCs

9. 25 American Hammer 2c

10. 25 leg lifts

11. 25 power ups

12. 10 burpees

In between rungs run to end of boardwalk and back

Return to AO


We need more Pax weekly at Iron Island, this is one of our Regions beachfront AOs! What a beautiful sunrise this am!

Prayers for all the Pax dealing with loss

Prayers for students involved in accident Christmas Morning and the family coping with loss.

Praise for time off w family and time to reflect


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