Boxing Day- the Rocky Workout

Date: 12/26- Boxing Day

But what is Boxing Day? And how did it get it’s name???

AO: Breakpoint

QIC: Special K

Pax: Kramer, water boy, overbite, hush-money, SOL, beauty, seahorse

Warmorama: 100 SSH IC

The Thang: The Rocky Workout- Rocky soundtrack must be playing

Round 1. Mosey from AO to station 1:all rounds in new hanover center parking lot

25 step ups/ jump ups

25 merkins

X 2

Round 2. Mosey to station 2:

25 donkey kicks

25 step ups

Round 3. Mosey to station 3:

25 inverted rows

25 Muscleups

Round 4. Mosey to station 4:

25 walking lunges ea leg

Round 5. Mosey to station 5:

25 merkins

25 step ups

Round 6. Mosey to Station 6:

What would a Rocky workout be wo hills/ steps???

Sprint from light post to light post doing 10 burpees at each light post: 4 sets in total

Round 7. Mosey back to station 5:

25 merkins

25 step ups

Round 8. Mosey to station 7:

5 bear crawls/ crawl bears up and down parking lot from island to island w 100 punch knees and 100 jump ropes in between. 2 sets total

Round 9. Mosey fast back to AO the long way around empie Park

Knock out!!!!!

Mary: 60 SSH

We had the opportunity to catch a rabbit, but we found out rabbits are faster than chickens!


Merry Christmas

Prayers for the family of the accident

Careys wrestling coach passed suddenly, Prayers to his family

Praise for time w family

Safe travels


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